DANCE is what we do... and our LOVE of family is what brings us together... sharing our PASSION for our Filipino cultural heritage with audiences on the stages of the word.

In a fast evolving world where cultures merge and new art forms emerge Lahing Kayumanggi, (brown race) Dance Company (LK) continues to develop and grow as a dance company, rooted in the folk culture and traditions of the Philippines.

LK demonstrates the rich and diverse culture of the Philippines, enriched by the influences of its Southeast Asian neighbours, the legacy of Spain’s 400 years of colonisation and not least, the many indigenous groups that are still alive and thriving up and down the country.

Starting as a small informal group of people in London who were nostalgic about Philippine music and dance, LK has become a professional dance company with professional dancers and musicians leading more than 30 enthusiastic volunteer members from the Filipino community. Their increasing reputation for quality, authenticity and innovation has led them to receive wide acclaim for their performances across the UK and mainland Europe, in venues including the Philippine Embassy London, World Travel Markets, Filipino Barrio Fiestas and community events, the prestigious Queen Elizabeth Hall, Royal Festival Hall, as well as in cites like Amsterdam, Berlin,  Braunsweig, Bayreuth, Brussels, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Malmö, Vienna to name a few. For four years running, LK was a regular and popular feature on BBC TV’s Generation Game.

Their infectious enthusiasm for their material, amazing colourful costumes, their sense of rhythm, verve and energy are always sure-fire winners that leave audiences clamouring for more. It is not surprising when LK being considered Europe's foremost Filipino dance company and informal ambassadors for the Philippines, projecting the truly positive image of the country and its people, that in December 2006, they were awarded the Presidential Banaag Award ‘in recognition of its unwavering dedication to artistic excellence, raising the cultural awareness and ethnic pride of the Filipino community in the United Kingdom, and supporting cultural and humanitarian activities in the Philippines’ and in 2012 were announced as ABS-CBN Gawad Geny Lopez Jr. Bayaning Pilipino Awards for Europe 

Members of LK come from a cross section of society with families spanning several generations and age groups from 4yrs up, students, health care professionals, caregivers, teachers, creatives, professional choreographers, retirees, dance enthusiasts as well as a wide support network of sponsors and friends of LK. As a non-profit community group LK rely entirely on fund raising, sponsorship, donation and volunteers to deliver its program of events through the annual season March-November.